Local Rules
Costs Schedule
Bond Schedule
Violations Bureau
Make a Payment
Costs Schedule
For each cause $30.00
Issuing notices, per person 2.00
Issuing subpoena, swearing witnesses, entering attendance, certifying fees, each name 5.00
Calling jury 50.00
Making complete record, including indexing each page, per document 1.00
Acknowledging all instruments in writing, each 5.00
Making certificates of judgments 5.00
Each cause of action for judgment by confession, including all docketing, indexing, and entries on the journal 40.00
Docketing and indexing each aid in execution, or petition to vacate, revive, or modify judgment, including the filing and notice of all necessary documents 15.00
Docketing and indexing appeals, including the filing and noting of all necessary documents 50.00
Receiving and disbursing money, a commission of 2% on the first $10,000.00 and 1% of all exceeding $10,000.00 other than costs and fees, paid to or deposited with the Clerk in pursuance of an order of Court or on judgments, including moneys invested by order of the Court and interest earned on them;
For each electronic transmission of a document (that includes 1st page) plus $1.00 for each additional page of that document. These fees are to be paid by the party requesting the electronic transmission 3.00
For each photocopy .25
For the issuance of a writ of restitution 15.00
For the issuance of ordinary mail with a certificate of mailing 2.00
For the issuance of certified mail 12.00
For the issuance of a notice of failure of service 5.00
For the issuance of a certified copy 2.00
For the filing of motions or entries, each 5.00
For the filing of a jury demand 10.00
Continuance fee for hearing other than arraignment or small claims trial- includes motion and entry 15.00
Continuance fee for arraignment or small claims trial- includes motion and reassignment 5.00
Filing and issuance of summons 5.00
Filing and issuance of warrants 25.00
Bailiff service fee 3.00
Credit card user fee for transaction amount not exceeding $250.00 5.00
Credit card user fee for transaction amount in excess of $250.00 4%
Issuance of debtor's exam, each 15.00
Issuance of writ of execution 85.00
Issuance of garnishment for personal earnings in civil cases 100.00
in small claims cases 50.00
Issuance of garnishment for other than personal earnings, plus $1.00 for bank 35.00
For each record check requested 5.00
Taking bonds, or recognizances, each 5.00
Issuing writ for contempt 25.00
For the filing and issuance of a protection order 10.00
For the modification and reissuance or termination of protection order 5.00
For the issuance of a supplemental summons/show cause 10.00
For the filing of a request for driving privileges 15.00
Issuance of driving privileges with updated insurance coverage date or other information 5.00
For the filing of a probation violation 25.00
Pre-sentence investigation fee 10.00
Filing of indigency affidavit and finding of the Court 5.00
Issuance of second or more payment schedule 5.00
Issuance of jail papers 10.00
Filing of expungement 75.00
*(If DF is convicted of a violation and files for expungement/sealing of record, the costs of $75.00 will be dispersed per O.R.C. 2953.32, with the balance going into local costs. If the case is dismissed or a finding of not guilty, the $75.00 will be dispersed into local costs)
Issuance of probation rules 5.00
Issuance of public service rules 5.00
Preparation and issuance of bindover 20.00
Pay to stay jail fee (per day) 45.00
Issuance of wage withholding 5.00
Wedding Fee 25.00
Fee for returned check 25.00
Additional deposit required to proceed in active civil case if all monies on deposit are depleted 25.00