Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I pay for a title issuance?
Upon issuance of a title, payment is required in the form of cash, check or credit/debit card. A convenience fee will be added to your total payment when paying by credit/debit card. This fee is charged by PayGOV LLC and is not retained by this government office.

I’ve lost my title. How do I get a new one?
To apply for a Duplicate Title, you will need a photo ID and your registration or other document containing the VIN. The fee is $16.00*. A duplicate title is issued only in the case of a lost, stolen or destroyed title.

My assigned title has been altered or damaged. What do I do?
Since the title is not yet officially transferred into your name, the person you bought the vehicle from is responsible to take the altered or damaged title to the title department and apply for a Replacement Title. The person will need to provide a photo ID. The title will need to be re-assigned to you. The cost of a replacement title is $16.00*.

I just moved to Ohio from another state. How do I get my title transferred to Ohio so I can purchase Ohio license plates?
If you are in possession of your out-of-state title, proceed to the local Deputy Registrar and ask for an out of state vehicle inspection. You can then proceed to the title department with your out of state title, inspection form and photo ID and an Ohio title will be made while you wait. The average cost is $19.50*
If there is a lien on your out of state title we will contact the lienholder for you and request the title. In order for us to request the title, we will need to know:

  1. name & address of lienholder
  2. your loan number
  3. year, make & vin
  4. name as it appears on out of state title.

After we receive your title from the lienholder we will call you. At that time you should proceed to the local Deputy Registrar to obtain an out of state vehicle inspection. You can then proceed to the title department with your inspection form and a photo ID. A new Ohio certificate of title will be made. You will be provided with a Memorandum Certificate of Title which can be used to purchase Ohio license plates. The original Ohio title will be mailed by our office to the lienholder. The average cost in this scenario is $19.50*.

I purchased a vehicle and it has an out of state title. What do I do?
The out of state title must be properly assigned to you. Some states do not require their titles to be notarized. When you are in possession of the out of state title, proceed to the local Deputy Registrar for an out of state vehicle inspection. You can then proceed to the title department with the inspection form, the out of state title and a photo ID. You will pay an average title fee of $19.50* plus sales tax based upon the county in which you reside. (Hardin County sales tax rate = 7.25%*).

How do I transfer an Ohio title into my name?
The reverse side of the Ohio title top portion (assignment) must be completed by the Seller. The name, address, selling price and odometer reading must be completed and afterwards, the Seller(s) must get their signature(s) notarized. After you are in possession of this properly assigned certificate of title, proceed to the title department with the title and a photo ID. You will pay an average title fee of $16.00* plus sales tax based upon the county in which you reside. (Hardin County sales tax rate = 7.25%*). If you need a 30-day tag, you must take the assigned title to the Deputy Registrar to get it before you apply for the new title. Once the title is in your name you cannot get a 30-day tag. *See also question #7 for additional information.

How do I transfer ownership of my vehicle to another person?
The reverse side of the Ohio title top portion (assignment) must be completed by you, the Seller. You must complete the name and address of the purchaser as well as stating the true selling price and current odometer reading. Do not sign your name yet. You must wait until you can have your signature witnessed by a Notary Public who will complete the assignment by notarizing. After your signature is notarized, deliver the certificate of title to the purchaser who will be responsible for applying for a title.

How much time do I have before I am required to transfer the title into my name?
30 days from the date Seller’s name is notarized. Ohio law requires an additional fee of $5.00* to be charged for failure to apply for a title within 30 days of assignment.

My spouse passed away and there are vehicles titled in his/her name. How do I transfer the vehicle(s) into my name?
Ohio law allows for 2 vehicles, whose total combined value does not exceed $40,000.00 to be transferred to the surviving spouse. In order to accomplish this, you must bring the certificate(s) of title, a photo ID ,complete a Surviving Spouse Affidavit and application for certificate of title which can be obtained at the title department. Passenger vehicles, 3/4 ton or smaller trucks and motorcycles are allowable surviving spouse transfers. In addition to the 2 vehicle transfers, you may also transfer title to 1 boat and 1 motor, providing they each have a 12-digit identification number.

I wrecked my vehicle and my insurance company required me to get a Salvage Title in order for me to retain possession of my vehicle. I’ve made the necessary repairs, how do I get a regular title for my vehicle?
You can obtain an inspection packet from the local Deputy Registrar for a fee. Once you have this packet, contact the local Ohio State Patrol Office for a safety inspection. You will be required to present the salvage title, inspection packet and all receipts for parts and repairs. After the vehicle passes inspection, the State Patrol will give you a form (HP106). You can then proceed to the title department and present your Salvage Title, form HP106 and a photo ID. The average cost for this title is $16.00*.

Why do I have to provide my SSN when applying for a title?
Ohio law requires the applicant to submit this information. Your SSN does not appear on the paper title and is not a part of the public record.

My name has changed since my title was issued. Can I get a new title in my new name?
No. Ohio law provides no provision to change your name on the title. The only time a name can change on a title is when a change of ownership occurs. You can check with the local Deputy Registrar if you want your name changed on your registration.

Can a minor have a title in their name?
Yes. A parent or legal guardian must complete a Minor Consent Form that can be obtained at our office. If the owner is still a minor at the time the vehicle is re-sold, another Minor Consent Form must be completed and submitted with the title assignment.

I just purchased a trailer (boat, utility, horse, etc). Does it need a title?
If the trailer weighs less than 4000 pounds, there will not be a title issued. Consult the local Deputy Registrar for registration and tag information.

I just purchased a scooter. Does it need a title?
Maybe. At the time of purchase, be sure to ask for the MCO (manufacturers certificate of origin) and a notarized bill of sale. Proceed to the title department with these 2 documents, along with your photo ID. We can run a check with the VIN to see if it meets federal safety standards. If so, it will be titled as a motorcycle. If the person you bought from no longer has the MCO, you will still need a notarized bill of sale and out of state vehicle inspection (obtained at the local Deputy Registrar) in place of the MCO. If you are the original owner and have the MCO that was provided by the vendor to you, present the MCO and photo ID.

I purchased a vehicle and there is no title. How do I get a title in my name?
Ohio law requires a seller to have a title before they can transfer ownership. If you cannot locate the previous owner, you must contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles in writing and submit any evidence and request for a title to be issued in your name. You must make your request to the Columbus, Ohio address. You must call (614) 752-7671 to obtain the address & contact name of where to send your request. If they allow your request, a letter will be mailed directing the title department to issue a title in your name. If they deny your request, you will receive a “denial letter.”

After your receipt of the denial letter, you can pick up a packet from the title department or the Clerk of Courts legal department to apply for a Court Ordered Title. This matter then becomes a civil case for the Common Pleas Judge to determine if evidence supports your ownership of the vehicle. A filing fee of $350.00* is required to initiate this civil case. The Judge may or may not grant your request. If the Judge determines that evidence supports you to be the lawful owner of the vehicle, a Court Order will be issued instructing the title department to issue an Ohio title for you. Sales tax based upon your purchase price may be required at the time the title is issued.

I can’t make it into your office during your business hours. Can somebody else apply for my title for me?
Yes. A Limited Power of Attorney form can be used. This POA is valid for 1 transfer only. You must complete the form, including your SSN and have the form notarized. The person you appoint as your POA can proceed to the title department and follow the same procedure as outlined in #5, except they will be required to produce their own photo ID.

What is the number for the local Deputy Registrar/License Bureau?
(419) 675-2969

Where do I get dog tags?
Hardin County Auditor, (419) 674-2239

Where do I get a copy of a deed to real estate?
Hardin County Recorder, (419) 674-2250

Where do I get a marriage license?
Hardin County Probate Court, (419) 674-2230

Where do I get a copy of a birth or death certificate?
Health Department, (419) 673-6230

Where do I get a copy of my divorce?
Clerk of Courts Legal Department, (419) 674-2278


* Fees and tax rate are subject to change